Our Company

Twenty years of deep knowledge and experience in the construction and installation of air-conditioning, ventilation and heating ducts, led us to the founding, in 2004, of ATRITUBE HVAC Products Company. This company combines the expertise and scientific approach, resulting to the construction of the best high quality products also providing fast services to its customers.

Today, G. IOANNIDIS & Co. P.C.C. with a capital of 1.500.000,00 €, George Ioannidis as administrator and members George Ioannidis with a contribution of 50% and G. IOANNIDIS & Associates Ltd. with a contribution of 50%, through small and big achievements, is a pioneer in the Greek industry of stainless steel chimney flue pipes and ducts for building as well as industrial air conditioning systems, air heating and exhaust systems.

Our dedicated people and the advanced equipment are the keys to our success.

  • Housed, in Greece, in the Industrial Zone of Sindos near Thessaloniki, in a private area of 5,000 square meters, with buildings of a 2,700 square meters surface.
  • Provides consistently high quality services.
  • Provides comprehensive and integrated solutions for advanced and complex applications.
  • Uses row materials, accompanied by relevant quality certificates.
  • Produces stainless steel chimney flue pipes with CE marking, recognized by the embossed ATRITUBE logo of authenticity.
  • Manufactures products according to severe international standards.
  • Is certified according to ISO 9001:2008.
  • Offers competitive prices and excellent value for money ratio.
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