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Single Wall Chimney Flue Pipe

Certified Quality

The series includes single wall, straight seam stainless steel chimney flue pipes and fittings, suitable for the construction of exhaust systems for boilers and stoves that use oil fuel, natural gas and timber. They are made of:
  • AISI 304 BA antimagnetic stainless steel.
  • Steel thickness 0,40mm, 0,50mm & 0,60mm.
Particular specifications:
  • Chimney flue pipes are formed with inert gas TIG welding.
  • Fittings are formed with continuous seam welding.
  • Products are assembled together with the socket-spigot system.
  • High temperature resistant double-lipped silicone gasket to ensure gas tightness.
It can be combined with a variety of fittings from the ACCESSORIES series.

chimney flues range passes all the necessary inspections provided by the 89/106/EEC Construction Products Directive and fulfils all terms of the requirements of CE Marking, in accordance to the ZA Annex of EN 1856-1:2006 and EN 1856-2:2004 standards.
The CE Marking certification was issued by the approved MPA NRW body on 1 October 2009.

Due to safety and energy saving reasons, the chimney system ATRITUBE EX-304-CE® series is recommended for enclosed installations.
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