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Our company, apart from the standard product series, designs and manufactures products to meet specific requirements for any application.
Thus, our customers have the ability, through a wide range of options to get those products that will help them to easily satisfy the peculiarities of their construction, either is a special chimney, or a demanding air-ducts network for air conditioning or ventilation system.
BY REQUEST series incorporates all the “built to order” products.

Due to the large number of specialized construction, below there is only an indicative list of them:
  • Special fittings (Pants, Crosses, etc.)
Made from a variety of materials such as:
  • AISI 304 BA antimagnetic stainless steel
  • EN 10142 galvanized steel
  • Anodized aluminum
  • Profiles from 75mm to 1400mm diameter
Also available:
  • Rectangular ducts,
  • Air Intakes and Grilles,
  • Paints,
  • Metal constructions
  • Service access flaps, etc.
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