Product series


The Tested Solution

The series includes double wall straight seam ducts and fittings. It is recommended for:
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Air Heating and
  • Smoke and Gases Exhaust Systems
in Commercial and Industrial premises, kitchens, swimming, etc. They are made of:
  • Stainless antimagnetic steel AISI 304 BA, available under the series brand name CHIMNEY CO-SS
  • Galvanized steel EN 10142, available under the series brand name CHIMNEY CO-GG
  • Steel thickness 0,50mm, 0,60mm and 0,70mm with
  • Rock wool insulation, 25mm thickness and 60kg/m3 density
  • Tubes are formed with inert gas TIG welding
  • Fittings with continuous seam welding
  • Products are assembled together with the bell-spigot system
  • High temperature resistant silicone gasket to ensure gas tightness
It can be combined with a variety of fittings from the ACCESSORIES & BY REQUEST series.
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