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convenience in installing

The series includes spiral or straight seam single wall air ducts and fittings. It is ideal for:
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Air Heating,
  • Ventilation,
  • Gases, Smoke, Dust and Odors Exhaust Systems,
  • Transport of particles,
  • Gutter,
  • Sewerage,
  • The protection of insulations in hydraulic networks,
  • Concrete molds , like round pillars and
  • Barrels, small tanks, circular boxes.
They are made of:
  • AISI 304 BA stainless antimagnetic steel, available under the series brand name CRIMPY CD-SS and CRIMPY CR-SS
  • EN 10142 galvanized steel, available under the series brand name CRIMPY CD-GS and CRIMPY CR-GS
  • Steel Thickness 0,40mm, 0,50mm and 0,60mm
  • The products are formed with inert gas TIG welding, continuous seam welding and mechanical seam.
The series is divided into two groups, CRIMPY-CR and CRIMPY-CD, which differ in edge formation and assembly.

In the CRIMPY-CR series, assembly of products is done by goffered edges.
In CRIMPY-CD series, the edges are delivered with no additional configuration and the parts are connected together with the use of appropriate joints from the FLANGE and ACCESSORIES series.

Spiral ducts of more than 300mm of diameter are reinforced with an additional corrugation.

It can be combined with various products from the FLANGE series and a variety of fittings from the ACCESSORIES and BY REQUEST series.
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