Efficient and quality service of our partners is our company’s target. Our services include:
  • Prompt delivery of goods.
  • Safe transportation of products.
  • Technical support for our partners.
  • Design, sizing and budgeting for air conditioning and ventilation or flue.
  • Study, design and manufacture of non-standard products for special applications.
Ανοξείδωτοι καπναγωγοί με διαφόρων τύπων απολήξεις

Shipping Methods and Special Transportation Routes

For the safe and prompt transportation of goods, our Company undertakes to its own transportation means to deliver products on-site or to schedule special route for a specific destination. Also we cooperate with experienced and reliable carriers, covering both Greek and international market.

Advisory Support

The responsibilities of customer service, together with the design department, includes the provision of advice and guidance on choosing the right product depending on the application and design structures, requiring specialized technical knowledge.
Our partners have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge and experience we have gained from all these years working in designing and manufacturing air-conditioning, heating and ventilation systems.

Products of Special Design

The series "By Request" on our list, reflects part of the wide variety of customized products. Today, our company designs and manufactures the largest range of customized products in Greece.
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